” What are the advantages of ditching hard cash and what are the dangers ? “

Learn about how “Ocean Clean Technology” is planning to remove 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic

Discover how “MobilizeAmericaDiscover” is changing the rules of the political campaign through the usage of technology

The process of “Solar geoengineering”, a technology that could counter global warming.

How will robots impact our workforce in the next couple of years…

In the Fake News War, “smartphones and digital platforms are enabling people to watch the state—uncovering lies and holding the powerful to account.”

Find out why companies like Google are interested in this Virtual Reality concept created by Vantage Point …

Hear about the new technologies that could revolutionize our conception of waste.

Thanks to advanced studies, data has helped us determine how happy a population is based on wealth.

Listen to Dr. Dan Siegel, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine explaining the negative effects of screens viewing can have on the brain and body before bedtime.

Discover how Digital Technology has transformed the NBA and the game of basketball.


Published by Néo

P.D.W. Administrator & Business Student at ESSEC Business School, France.

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