Is TikTok ready to seat at the Adult’s table?

Over the last couple of months, odds are that a surplus of “lip-synching” videos have been showing up on your social media timeline. TikTok is growing but if you think it’s new then you’re late to the party. The app has been quite popular for a long time and counted more than 500 Million monthlyContinue reading “Is TikTok ready to seat at the Adult’s table?”

Whether You Like it or Not

Likes, favorites, shares, and retweets form the rubric which hundreds of millions of people voluntarily submit to for judgement every day. Whatever they are called, these various indicators of approval on photos, comments, or other content occupy a substantial piece of social media viewers’ consciousness, and have been the base business model to launch theContinue reading “Whether You Like it or Not”

The Power of Data

What is Facebook? In order for Facebook to be evaluated effectively, a brief summary is necessary. Facebook is a social media platform that allows for near limitless networking. Users must sign up for a free profile and are then able to share photos, videos and messages, both publicly and privately to those they have “friended”.Continue reading “The Power of Data”

Kanye West’s Digital Impact

    Few artists have had an influence on music than the way Kanye West has on rap. The Chicago native is tied for the most Grammy awards ever by a rap artist with legendary rapper Jay-Z, and has sold millions and millions of copies of his albums and records. However, in more recent years,Continue reading “Kanye West’s Digital Impact”

The “Snapchat” Magnet

After an overuse of Snapchat for the past few years of my life, I decided to delete the application to observe my behavior when lacking the social media platform. Before we begin, what is Snapchat? Snapchat is a social media application created in July 2011 that now has over 190 million users worldwide. The platformContinue reading “The “Snapchat” Magnet”