What is really behind Libra?

Project “Libra”, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, is a mix between Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to become more present in our lives and an honorable goal of giving over a billion people access to a bank account for the first time.   Little reminder on “crypto” The shortest and easiest definition would be: “cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money”. With internetContinue reading “What is really behind Libra?”

“Apple Card” or Apple safety net ?

To fully understand Apple’s decision to enter the fintech market with its new smart credit card; we must first take a look at the company situation. iPhone sales are collapsing. After getting the 2019 second-quarter results, the numbers are crystal clear, people are buying fewer iPhones and the competition is thriving.  If we compare itContinue reading ““Apple Card” or Apple safety net ?”

Will Virtual Reality Ever Become Standard?

To properly tackle this question, we must first have a clear definition of what virtual reality is. Virtual reality is defined as “things, agents and events that exist in cyberspace.” – (IEEE, Abstract). Following this interpretation, our social media profiles, virtual events and games, digital media, and essentially all the human interactions of our currentContinue reading “Will Virtual Reality Ever Become Standard?”