The coronavirus or “Covid-19” pandemic is disrupting routines and shattering habits. Schools in Europe and North America are now following China’s path by sending students home. Companies around the world are changing their working practices by offering employees the possibility to work remotely or by abruptly shutting down. During this time of crisis, staying efficientContinue reading “COVID- 19: STAYING PRODUCTIVE AT HOME”

Remote jobs: the model we have all been waiting for.

Working from home is a controversial topic in today’s working industry. It has become a model criticized for going against social norms set by older generations but also praised for being the obvious path our new digital society is taking. Coming out of college, most students that don’t have traveling or entrepreneurial desires will beContinue reading “Remote jobs: the model we have all been waiting for.”

Streaming Services: the New Standard

« The purpose of the video is to inform, teach, entertain and inspire. That purpose is lost if we don’t remember what we learn, don’t follow the steps we’re given, don’t appreciate the laughs and don’t turn inspiration into action. » – Niklas Göke Thanks to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others, watching series has becomeContinue reading “Streaming Services: the New Standard”

Mobile Games and its Impact

As games and phones evolve it has become very easy for people to play on their phones everywhere and at all times. As the gaming’s platform becomes more popular, scientists have found important impacts on our society, and especially on the kids and teens. We most certainly know all the benefits of mobile games: it’sContinue reading “Mobile Games and its Impact”

Productivity monitored from close

Today, methods to monitor employees are spread everywhere in the working industry. Hospitals have installed sensors to detect nurses’ handwashing practices as they can also relay their location on the floor at all times. Restaurants are using technology within the servers’ tablets to observe each of their waitstaff’s sales in real-time from a central location.Continue reading “Productivity monitored from close”